The Scotsman talks about the World Organ on the palindromatic date of 12.1.21

read online here

The Royal Canadian College of Organists produce a fascinating and provocative podcast called ‘Futurestops’. Blake Hargreaves interviewed World Organ creator Giles Perring for Episode 8, 29 December 2020.

UK Music magazine Songlines features the World Organ and news of EXPOSURE in its Jan 2021 issue.

Fay Young interviewed Giles Perring and wrote about his work on Jura in Sceptical Scot in May 2020

Hauntingly beautiful, the stuff of late night phone ins or the coincidental connection of the radio ham? Tune in…

Posted by Sceptical Scot on Saturday, 30 May 2020

BBC Radio 4 visited Jura in 2019 to make an edition of Open Country’, to speak to artists on the island, and interviewed Giles Perring as he was doing early investigative work on a prototype of what has become the World Organ.

You can listen to the show here

John Cayley writes about Giles’ approach and methodology

XPONORTH interviewed Giles Perring about his work on Jura for their podcast

Our Digital Sector Specialist, Dougal Perman, spoke with Giles Perring last month to discuss creative collaboration…

Posted by XpoNorth on Monday, 20 July 2020